Rolex Cellini Collection

In homage to Benvenuto Cellini, sculptor and goldsmith of the Renaissance popes and kings, Rolex created a watch collection, which bears the name of the teacher. Clocks went from the domain of a single craftsman cooperation by qualified professionals. Every Rolex is a symphony of skills and art.

In 1928, Rolex created the Prince, who has achieved great success and won a place in the history of watchmaking with the precision of a watchmaker. With its avant-garde design rectangular shape and the outstanding performance of the movement, the prince was and remains a timepiece of distinction.

Exposed in the 1940s, Rolex Prince had reached the pinnacle of elegance and precision. It was the first watch produced in large quantities for the certification of wheels. Although it was removed by the accuracy of its measurement of time is the true success due to its rectangular shape and an elegant and sophisticated brand.

The Prince has a mechanical movement with manual winding - size 7040 - designed and manufactured by Rolex. Rectangular, all the space is used to improve the accuracy and performance and free decoration bridges with identical patterns to ensure those in the field.

Aesthetic aspects of the movement are as important as the chronometric performance. In fact, they are designed and manufactured according to the dial, case and bracelet, and are visible through the transparent background.

Rolex Cellini Collection Replicas

While Rolex created the Explorer I specifically for mountain climbers, the Explorer II was created with the needs of cave explorers in mind. The features below are aimed to help its wearers easily distinguish day from night especially in situations where it is impossible to tell the date and time. More watch models...