Rolex Datejust Lady 31

Bold contrasts of materials, colors and patterns in a size of 31 mm by. Datejust Lady 31 is here in Rolex signature Rolesor presents a unique combination of durable steel and Everose shimmering gold.

The chocolate brown dial is the perfect setting for the dial Roman numeral hour markers set six hours. Exquisite shades perfectly complement the soft golden glow marked Everose. This delicate jewelry for everyday use is to share an invitation to their carefree youth.

Alternating field 24 diamonds in the domed bezel. Ask. An escape timetable and encourage you to live each moment to the fullest.

Flowers are produced on a black rhodium and pink champagne brand. Using a technique of electroplating a very subtle deposition of material that reproduces the design with extreme precision.

Rolex Datejust Lady 31 ReplicaRolex Datejust Lady 31 ReplicaRolex Datejust Lady 31 ReplicaRolex Datejust Lady 31 ReplicaRolex Datejust Lady 31 ReplicaRolex Datejust Lady 31 Replica

The Eighties Onward

Beginning around 1987, the Rolex brand became what we know it today – the world’s foremost and largest luxury watch manufacturer with billions of dollars in sales and with iconic watches that serious collectors consider as among the best investments. In 1988, in line with its 25th anniversary, a new Daytona with a self-winding movement was released, a watch that marked the transition from its design as a functional object characterized by flat, matte surfaces to a statement piece with its glossy dials and gold marker appliques.

rolex datejust 31

The 25th anniversary Daytona was made with the Zenith movement, a limited supply movement that added to the collector’s appeal of the piece. By 2000, however, the Zenith movement was permanently replaced by Rolex’s in-house chronograph caliber, which ushered in an era where Rolex exercised greater control over the design and manufacturer of its luxury watches from start to finish and from the bracelet to the movement. 

In 2013, the 50th anniversary Daytona was released and it was also characterized by a few firsts. For example, it was made in platinum, considered as the noblest of all metals because of its rarity, beauty, and durability, for the first time. In the same year, many vintage Rolexes were auctioned off by Christie’s with the average price pegged at $260,000 per unit. 

Today, owning a Rolex Daytona is a mark of prestige among men and women, a symbol of wealth and success, and a thing of beauty, indeed. But if you cannot yet afford the real thing, you can always buy high-quality imitation Rolex Daytonas that look and feel like the real McCoys!