Rolex Datejust Special Edition

Crafts Wedding Haute Horlogerie. The special model Datejust, a bold incarnation of a feminine classic, here presented in 18 carat gold with diamonds Everose.

18-carat gold Everose Datejust Special Edition is the reference from the beginning, but exerts an irresistible power of seduction and gives the clock his strong personality.

Pierre-set, such as sculptors, cut the material. Part of the seat, where the gemstone is made perfect Then, in a gesture very precise?the stone is located. Each minutia is oriented, adjusted and aligned with each other, are then secured to the gold or platinum folding a metal profile.

Through the bright gold bezel Everose 12 brilliants, elegantly presented in the parameters CT 18 white gold. The effect on the special edition Datejust is bright, exquisite and charming.

The diamond was used in jewelry than 2800 years ago in India. Until the 15th Century only kings wore diamonds, a sign of strength and courage.

While working with gems to make their mark in metal setter as calligraphers paper in the ancient gesture. They put their personal signature on each piece, a brand that each piece is unique and curled the work a person does setter.


The 42 mm diameter is larger than the Explorer I’s 39 mm case. The bigger size will be able to withstand more impact brought about by harsher and more unstable environments. It will also be easier to glance at because of the bigger display.