Rolex Datejust

The Datejust was introduced in 1945, was the first wristwatch display the date through an opening in the dial. His one eye, Cyclops lens attached, a few years later, was recognized as a Rolex design standard. Admired for its classic design, the Datejust was a symbol of style.

The Datejust II is presented here in Rolex signature Rolesor, a unique combination of 904L steel and 18 carat white gold.

In the first models of the Datejust, the day can begin, a few hours before midnight, to change the date. In 1955, the date change mechanism immediately, and the opening was improved with increased Cyclops lens to two and a half time and legible date.

First, stretch marks Oyster bezel a functional purpose: It served to the bezel on the chassis screw to ensure water resistance. He was also identical to the groove on the underside of the housing, which is screwed into the housing and from the same reason, the use of special tools Rolex. Over time have stretch marks to a purely aesthetic characteristic signature authentic Rolex. The striatum is now an award that is only available in yellow or Everose styles in white gold.

Already in the 1920s, Rolex watches come with a two-tone Bicolore gold box: mostly yellow or red combined with white gold or platinum. In 1933, the combination of gold and steel Rolex was registered under the name Rolesor. Three years after the launch of the Oyster Perpetual in 1945 the model was introduced in Rolesor. He was an instant success, reaching to distinguish the status of a legendary clock, with the naked eye. Today Rolesor Datejust is available in various combinations: white steel, yellow gold or Everose.

Very few people in the world are allowed in a Rolex Oyster. Only Rolex dealers have the knowledge, skills and equipment to gain access. Hermetically sealed to the case with a capacity of five Newton meters, the back of each Oyster, as this case shows ground, an environment that protects the movement from shocks, pressure, dust, water and other creates intrusive.

The four simple words chronometer officially certified Superlativo on the face of the clock movement of this clock has engraved 15 days and nights of testing by the COSC (Swiss Official Timer), bear an independent nonprofit. The standard quality for every Rolex Chronometer - To receive COSC certification, a clock extreme precision in various positions and temperatures demonstrate.

In 1945, on the threshold of a new era of prosperity, the first Rolex Datejust has started. The first model with waterproof, elegance and aerodynamic date window in the face of the clock was a clock of its time.

In 1947, to commemorate the 100,000 officially certified chronometer meeting, presents Hans Wilsdorf Datejust as a famous man he describes as one of the greatest personalities of our time. Today, his identity has not been revealed.

Rolex Datejust Replica

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Lady 31mm

If you are still looking for some Christmas presents, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Lady 31mm could be one of your presents.
The watch collection was launched during the Baselworld 2010 industry event. The release of this collection is considered as a good business decision for the Swiss-based watchmaker. The 31mm watch is a good size between 26mm and 36mm watches. It is a hybrid between both as it experiences the best features from each version. It has much slender proportions than those of the smaller watch and does not cost as much as the bigger version. The model is available in three versions that use different materials. There is a combination of steel and yellow gold, gold and steel mix, and the steel and white gold version.

I think the most beautiful version is the model that uses steel and yellow gold for the watchcase and bracelet. It also has a domed yellow gold bezel that has 46 cut diamonds. The model has a silver dial with Roman Numerals that are hand-applied and are made of gold. It also has a gem-set IV Roman numeral found in the 6 o'clock position. However, the model looks a bit oversized with regards to Rolex crown found at 12 o'clock. This makes it an attention grabber. The watch with the Everose version is good to look at except for its chocolate brown dial that looks different from the rest of the model. It seems like the watchmaker has used too much stainless steel here.

The Rolex model is automated by Rolex Caliber 2235 movement along with 31 rubies. The caliber along with its unique design is thicker than the other mechanisms in the watch. It measures 5.95mm in height. Despite its design, the movement is still one of the most accurate in the world which helped it pass the COSC certification tests.

The Seventies

When the seventies rolled along, Rolex began flexing its muscles in the luxury watch market. The Swiss manufacturer made specialized military-oriented precision watches for the Peruvian Air Force and the British Ministry of Defense, as well as regular production models in several materials including white gold, yellow gold, and steel.

This was also the decade when the numerous iterations of the increasingly popular Daytona and Datejust models were produced. In fact, the seventies was the time when the Daytona slowly but surely made the transition from just the Daytona to The Daytona with luminaries in politics, entertainment, and sports seen wearing the legendary watch. Of these Daytona models, the Paul Newman Daytona is arguably one of the most recognizable and valuable, not only because Paul Newman wore it but also because it was so strikingly beautiful with its black outer track running around the dial’s edge and matching the sub-dials. 

In 2013, a Paul Newman Rolex with Reference Number 6236 was auctioned for $1 million, one of the most expensive Rolexes ever sold. It was one of the rarest and, by consequence, the most desirable version of the Daytona from both the horological and historical points of view.

Caliber 9001 Movement, Display and Dual Time Zones

The Caliber 9001 is the most complicated movement created by Rolex. It is a certified Swiss chronometer, a title given to a select few in the world of high-precision watches. It has features unlike any other wrist watch, and at first glance, it might seem hard to read with the fully-packed display and varying time zones, but as you get used to it, you will soon realize that there’s nothing complicated about reading the time or date using the Sky-Dweller. It was mainly created for those who enjoy travelling as it makes keeping track of both home time and current time easy with its GMT disc feature and an annual calendar. Lady Datejust - The 36mm Datejust model - Oyster Perpetual

In the Sky-Dweller, the second time zone can be read using a rotating disk found at the center of the watch. It has numbers with 24-hour increments, while local time can be read using the 3 hands circling the watch, just like the ones found on any regular watch. The calendar feature on the other hand, is a smart feature that is able to automatically distinguish between months with 30 and 31 days, and only needs to be adjusted once in a year, specifically by the end of February. It would be quite complicated to go in-depth on how the inner mechanism of the watch works, but is the very main reason why the Sky-Dweller is a gem in the world of luxury wristwatches.