Rolex Milgauss

The Milgauss, introduced in 1956, was designed to meet the needs of the scientific community and is able to withstand magnetic fields up to 1000 gauss. After rigorous testing by CERN engineers, it earned a reputation as the perfect magnetic shield. Today Milgauss has a spiral Parachrom provides additional protection against the effects of magnetism. The Milgauss is presented here in 904L steel with green sapphire crystal.

The main innovation in the heart of magnetic immunity incredible Milgauss is "the sign of the movement. In ferromagnetic alloys of Rolex, which consists of two components, one is selected on the movement and the other bolted to the case of oysters. Only certified watchmaker Rolex never see, but the symbol of the magnetic induction - "B" letter with an arrow - stored in the magnetic shield.

The Milgauss works in magnetic fields up to 1000 Gauss, hence the name. (In means "thousand" French "thousand", and Gauss is a measure of magnetic field). Shaped with clean lines and a second beam orange, the Milgauss is recognizable at first glance.


GV Milgauss has a black dial with bright orange at 3, 6 and 9, interspersed with white indices. A sapphire crystal - green with a hint of lime - produces light reflections maintaining readability. Another Rolex First, inspired by the color of the corporate brand.

Rolex uses 904L stainless steel watch case. 904L is reserved generally important for the chemical industry, where high corrosion resistance. 904L perfectly with other precious metals used by Rolex. A super alloy 904L is extremely durable and very polite.

A clock is so precise as its oscillator is regular. The spirals are made from conventional ferromagnetic alloys, making them. Vulnerable to magnetic fields and shocks Created after five years of research, the blue spiral Rolex PARA CHROME. Made of a paramagnetic alloy is not affected by magnetic fields, and up to 10 times more resistant to affected joints. Historically, the blue color of the spiral was a sign of prestige reserved for the most accurate clocks. Today guarantee the accuracy of Rolex.

The orange 24-hour hand and date display can be helpful in keeping track of your travel schedule. By being able to differentiate night from day, the Explorer II can be an efficient tool in reminding you to speed up or slow down, on when to sleep, eat, or take a breather. In addition to the 24-hour notification, the ability of the watch to feature a second time zone is a great way to keep track of time in your home country or home base. This isn't just great from extreme adventurers, having this feature is a necessary tool for all kinds of travellers. Just a quick glance at your watch will be able to remind you that home is just a couple of time zones away.