Rolex Yacht Master

The sporty elegance of a Rolex professional model in a wide smaller sizes. The Yacht-Master is presented here in steel and platinum.

Very few people in the world are allowed in a Rolex Oyster. Only Rolex dealers have the knowledge, skills and equipment to gain access. Hermetically sealed to the case with a capacity of five Newton meters, the back of each Oyster, as this case shows ground, an environment that protects the movement from shocks, pressure, dust, water and other creates intrusive.

The Steel and Platinum Yacht-Master is revered for its laidback charm. The second red as platinum gray dial contrast ensures perfect readability of the time.

Why Buy the Yacht-Master

If you're still on the fence about getting a Yacht-Master, here are some good reasons why you should spring for one.


Top 10 Reasons Why a Rolex Yacht-Master Should Be Your Next Luxury Timepiece

1. They hold their value well. Unlike other brands, Rolex timepieces are great in retaining their value despite their age. Especially if you have managed to keep it in pristine condition, certain models can still be resold for up to 80% of it's original price. That's a pretty good deal for a used item, as cars can depreciate even faster than this.

2. It has a programmable, flyback regatta timer. Only the Yacht-Master II is afforded this innovation, combined with an on-the-fly synchronization capability, making it a specialized watch for sailboat racers.

3. It is fun to wear. Some find the design bold and too extroverted for their taste, and to be fair, it kind of is. Many have negative first impressions on this watch, but holding one can immediately turn one's opinion around. They're actually pretty great to wear and the bold blue color makes them a lot more outdoorsy and ideal for offshore activities.

4. It has a very nautical feel to it. Being primarily white and blue with some minor red details, the Yacht-Master II has the whole nautical vibe to it. The colors alone will immediately remind you of classic sailor uniforms, making it more at home on board your boat or at the yacht club.

5. It is definitely a step-up from the Yacht-Master. With a more modern appearance and a few more additional features, the Yacht-Master II can be easily said to be a step-up from the older model.

6. It is comfortable to wear despite the size and weight. With a 44mm case, the Yacht-Master II is definitely bigger than other Rolex timepieces. Despite the size, though, they're very wearable and won't be uncomfortable on your wrist.

7. As expected from the best known brand in horology, the Yacht-Master II is exceptionally made. What else can we expect from the leading name in the industry?

8. Its 44 mm case size makes it stand out even more. A huge case combined with a striking color can really make a timepiece like the Yacht-Master II more eye-catching than its contemporaries.

9. You can choose from four models 116688 (Yellow Gold), 116689 (White Gold), 116681 (Steel and Everose Gold), and 116680 (904L steel). The choices for the Yacht-Master II might not be as many as the Yacht-Master's, but there are ample options to choose from.

10. If you like a good challenge, you can get it in the programming of the countdown fly-back timer. One of the things that watch nuts will tell you about the Yacht-Master II is the complexity of its fly-back timer. For some, it's a turn off. For others, though, it can be a good challenge they're more than ready to take.


Rolex Yacht Master Features

Unveiled in 2007, the Rolex Yacht-Master 2 is an update to the earlier model Yacht-Master that was released in 1992. The Yacht-Master II offers a vast array of additional features to the earlier sport watch, offering an entirely different model albeit the similar names.

So, what do the Yacht-Master copies offer? Here's a list of its timeless features:

    • 44 mm 904L case. Available in stainless steel, steel with gold, gold, gold with platinum, and everose gold.
    • Regatta chronograph.
    • Unique programmable flyback regatta timer.
    • Water resistant up to 100 m.
    • Triplock winding crown.
    • Classic Oyster bracelet available in materials similar to the case.
    • Cutting edge automatic, self-winding 4161 movement.
    • 72 hours power reserve.
    • White face with bright blue rotatable Command Bezel.